What is an NFT ‘whitelist’ and how can you join one?

In the NFT world, whitelisting typically means that a crypto wallet address, (i.e. a public ETH address), is pre-approved for minting of NFTs on specified dates/times (usually a date/time window).

Whitelisting allows NFT projects to reward early supporters with guaranteed slots for them to mint an NFT (or multiple NFTs with respect to the whitelisting/project rules).

Whitelisting also allows supporters to avoid “gas wars”, which is when multiple people try to mint NFTs simultaneously, driving up transaction prices. The pre-approved users on the whitelist are able to disseminate their mints in such a way that they are not absolutely all transacting at the same time, hence avoiding a sudden spike in transaction prices.

To get whitelisted for a project, you usually need to become listed on a project’s Discord group to learn the standards so you can get whitelisted.

The term whitelisting originates from the information technology/cybersecurity world and generally means an “allow” or “safe” list, but in the NFT world this means something more specific.

For NFTs, whitelisting is the procedure to getting a crypto wallet address pre-approved for another NFT mint (generally known as a “drop”).

Since most NFT are launched on the Ethereum blockchain, the address being whitelisted would be your public Ethereum (ETH) address.

What does it mean to be whitelisted?
To be whitelisted means that you have gone through the process/steps, as defined by the NFT project team, to getting your ETH address pre-approved to mint an NFT at some predefined date and time.

Usually this date and time for whitelisted addresses is set as a window of the time. For example, some projects may allow whitelisted addresses to mint an NFT anytime in a predefined 48-hour period.

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What is whitelisting used for?
Whitelisting is typically used for 2 general purposes:

To reward early supports of NFT project
To prevent a “gas war”
Whitelisting to Reward Early Supporters
With the large number of NFT projects launching weekly, project teams need to find ways to incentivize early supporters of the project.

One way to do this is by offering early supporters to can get on a whitelist to mint their NFT pre-launch.

The whitelist not only guarantees a supporter a spot to mint, but can also allow for a reduced price for the NFT (or even a free of charge NFT).

By doing so, supporters are incentivized to remain engaged with the project and promote the project to friends very in early stages in the project lifecycle.

This can work especially well for a project if an NFT influencer hears about the project and promotes it to a huge audience.