Ultherapy Doctors in Chicago Busting the Myths About Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a modern procedure, which is used as an alternative to an invasive facelift. In the case of Ultherapy, ultrasound technology is used for skin tightening and giving a more youthful look. In this article, we are compiling some insights from the Ultherapy doctors in Chicago to try and bust some myths about this treatment.

Myth busters by Ultherapy doctors in Chicago

Myth 1: Ultherapy is very painful

In fact, as in a facelift and other cosmetic procedures, Ultherapy also has some minor discomfort during and after the procedure. It is never so uncomfortable or painful. Most of the doctors performing Ultherapy will effectively pre-treat the patient with sedatives like valium. They also administer ibuprofen an hour before the procedure. However, these may sometimes be inadequate to prevent discomfort. In that case, a small among of topical anesthesia may also be applied to the key areas, which will help reduce any discomfort. In the majority of the cases of Ultherapy procedures, the patients only have very minimal pain if not null.

Myth 2: Ultherapy procedure will not give long-lasting results, and the procedure has to be repeated frequently

The result of Ultherapy treatment is natural and happens gradually. The initial improvement in the facial skill can be noticed from two weeks onwards after the treatment. These enhancements may continue for about three to six months or even longer. Usually, those who have undergone Ultherapy tend to do a touch-up or follow-up procedure after a year or two of their previous session. In most cases, the Ultherapy results are almost permanent, that you will always look better with the creation of new collagen.

Myth 3: Ultherapy can be performed by anyone

If you are undergoing Ultherapy, the result of this procedure and the outcome will depend on the professional who performs the same. The treatment is done in a standardized way; many medical offices tend to employ their aestheticians, medical assistants, nursing staff, or other non-doctors to do the treatment. For you, it is ideal to look for a medical office where an actually experienced physician or plastic surgeon administers the procedure. Check for credentials, years of experience, and skills of the physician before booking an appointment.

Myth 4: You may explore many facilities to get the best price

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, cheaper may not always be better. Saving a few dollars may have an adverse impact on the overall result of the procedure over time. This is very true in the case of Ultherapy, too, especially when you administer it on the face and neck. As mentioned, all Ultherapy procedures conducted by Ultherapy Doctors in Chicago are not the same, and the results of the treatment may vary based on the skillfulness with which it is administered. It is also important to consider your level of comfort while undergoing the procedure, which may vary based on the anesthetic, machinery used, and the timing of the Ultherapy treatment, etc.

In any case, being a proven treatment methodology approved by FDA, Ultherapy can offer a significant improvement to your face and neck. However, it is important to consider a professional to administer the treatment for the desired results.