Image Enlarger: How to Upscale Image Resolution Easily

Resizing photos isn’t ideal under any circumstances. Still, when there is absolutely no other treatment for make your pictures high-resolution, you want to be sure to use the perfect tool.

A smart Artificial Intelligence Image Upscaler by StockPhotos is one such tool that offers a great answer to all of your image dilemmas.

With this guide, let’s review the tool and discover why you should put it to use to resize images. Visit:

Why Images Lose Quality IF YOU Resize?
Before we dive into the information on the Upscaler, let’s find out why images become disruptive and packed with digital noise when you make an effort to enlarge them manually.

The truth is, all images extracted from digital cameras or scanners are made of pixels. The looks of pixels can be explained as tiny squares or tiles. If you magnify the image, you can actually see the pixels that the image comprises of.
What Makes the Image Upscaler So Great?
While you could find several AI-based upscalers on the internet, the upscaler tool by StockPhotos surpasses numerous others for its features. Included in these are:

Absolve to Use
One of many benefits associated with this upscaler is that it is absolve to use. Unlike other tools available for sale, the StockPhotos upscaler is totally free for unlimited usage. This implies you may use the upscaler for as much pictures as you want.

Another feature which makes this one stand out is the capability to utilize it without signup. Coupled with an easy to work with interface, image upscaling on the tool is very simple. Simply upload the mandatory picture and automatically hold the browser generate a high-resolution image for you – without any download or login!
How to Utilize the Image Upscaler?
The Image Upscaler by StockPhotos has a drag-and-drop interface. To upscale your image, simply login to from your web browser (Windows and Mac OS).

In the startup screen, you’ll be offered a choice to upload the image. Simply add the picture you intend to upscale, agree to the terms and conditions dictated by the business, and allow AI-algorithm automatically upscale the image.

However, do remember that on the first attempt, the upscaler enlarges images to 2x by default. You may further choose to upscale the image by selecting the option to upsize 4x and 8x and also other photo-enhancing options.

Slide the given slider from left to to check the difference from your original image. When you are satisfied with the effect for your image, select the social media size you want to resize the image to and press download.
Wrapping it up
As you can see, image upscaling has never been easier. With the right tools, you can conveniently enlarge images and minimize the product quality loss along the way. Overall, we found the Upscaler by StockPhotos, a keeper for image resizing.