Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is frustrating and in many cases frustrating. Traditional ways of hair removal like waxing, shaving and tweezing work for removing hair, but only temporarily. Laser hair removal is effective, efficient and a long-term solution so you can get rid of unwanted hair. Laser treatment can be carried out on any area of the body that has unwanted hair.

While this technique will not completely rid of hair, it can provide 50-95 percent reduced amount of new hair and the new hair that grows will be finer and much easier to maintain. Listed below are five great things about laser hair removal.

#1. Treatments Don’t Take Long
Laser treatment treatments are much quicker than you may expect. It requires around 20 minutes to perform treatment on underarms or the bikini area and no more than one hour for areas like legs and arms. Don’t be prepared to spend all day long in the spa when having laser treatment done – you’ll maintain and out very quickly.

#2. You’ll Save Money in the Long Run
After you get laser hair removal treatments done, you get rid of the dependence on endless amounts of razors, shaving cream, waxing appointments, etc. The expense of having laser hair removal done has decreased while the price tag on waxing has increased. laser hair removal Lexington SC is financially smarter, takes less time and can give you a standard more durable result.

#3. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs
You could prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs with laser treatment. It is the best answer to ensure you don’t have problems with a pesky ingrown hair and risk needing to have it removed. Laser hair removal is also a great option for folks who’ve sensitive skin and also have skin irritation after shaving or waxing.

#4. It Saves Time
Consider every one of the times you experienced to spend an extra ten or quarter-hour in the shower shaving and then come to find you’ve missed spots and also have to go back to repair it. With laser treatment, you no longer have to invest time shaving or going to appointments to find the hair waxed. Additionally you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and missing spots anymore. You should have clean-shaven skin without the trouble of shaving or waxing.

#5. You Don’t Have to Grow Hair Between Treatments
Unlike with waxing, you can shave among your treatments. So long as have to hold back to increase your hair out because with laser hair removal you can shave approximately you want in between sessions.

Common Questions about LASER TREATMENT

What are the risks?
You could have laser hair removal treatment done over your lunch break, since there is no recovery time. The lasers do not remove skin, so there are incredibly low risks.

Could it be painful?
Laser treatment is forget about painful than waxing. If you have sensitive skin, there are numbing creams that can be used to help make the experience more comfortable.

How does the laser take away the hair?
The lasers emit a light at a particular wavelength which will be absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle without damaging the skin around it. The light is changed into heat energy, which in turn disables the hair follicle such that it won’t produce more hair.

Just how many treatments are needed?
Typically it will require six to eight treatments to attain a complete clear area, but there are certain people who only need four treatments.

Before having laser treatment done, you should consult with your doctor to ensure you are a good prospect for the treatment. You need to limit waxing, plucking and tweezing and electrolysis for six weeks before the treatment. The laser targets the roots of the hair, that are temporarily removed when you yourself have them waxed or plucked.

For the day or two after the treatment, your skin can look and feel sunburned. Moisturizers and cool compresses can help. Over another month, the treated hair will fallout. Make sure to wear sunscreen for the next month to avoid momentary color changes in your skin.

Laser hair removal can save you time and money and present you a lovely result that is long lasting. Pure Luxe Medical happens to be offering laser hair removal treatment for 30% off. Contact us for a quote on any of the hair removal treatments and packages.