How to know the benefits of the ITIL strategist certification

The ITIL framework is a set of best practices developed in the 1980s by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, United Kingdom. Adopting the ITIL provides any organization the means to boost their cost-effectiveness and efficiency of IT services management. This framework is updated regularly and the latest release was in 2019 in the form of ITIL 4. Gaining the ITIL specialist training allows one to keep updated with the latest framework, use the intellectual property, and provide accreditation as necessary. The training and their subsequent certifications range from basic to the master level. 

How does it work?

The ITIL strategist certification is only offered to individuals in specific areas of best practices and not to organizations directly. The ITIL is a prescriptive framework of rules and guidelines that help an individual structure the IT operations in various ways. The changes done to the way of work drives many benefits to the business to support their strategic goals. It is an international framework that maintains a three-tier structure for the integrity and validity of the examinations. These certifications are recognized globally and provide a chance to the individual to gain suitable career options worldwide.

Benefits: Understand the framework and processes

The ITIL specialist training is undertaken by thousands of IT practitioners across the globe every year. They invest their time and money in these certification programs to enhance their career prospects by learning how to drive business values. The training is designed to provide the best set of practices to manage the IT services at an organization. The ITIL 4, in particular, allows one to shift focus from service management to the concept of value creation. The use of ITIL and ITSM practices helps transform the value of demand for the organization and obtain deep knowledge to drive business excellence.

Benefits: Global alignment

The ITIL strategist certification is perfectly aligned to a range of quality standards that are recognized internationally. Some of these quality standards include the ISO/IEC 20000 standard that takes care of any IT service management system. The worldwide adoption of these quality standards and the alignment of the ITIL framework with other leading global standards provides professionals the means to apply skills to a range of industries. It allows them to gain employment nationally or internationally as thousands of the best organizations across the globe adopt the ITIL framework and invest in its support tools.

Benefits: Be desirable employees

A study published in 2015 indicates that ITIL specialist training makes an individual relevant for almost 93 percent of employers. Globally, over 60 percent of employers use suitable certifications as evidence of the knowledge and skills of any professional. Over 72 percent of the employers are specifically searching for suitable ITIL professionals constantly as they believe such individuals work hard to achieve the goals of the business. The research also proves that the ITIL certifications boost the confidence level of the professional and turn them into reliable assets for any organization.