Benefits of an integrated marketing communications strategy

When it comes to communications – a constant message is both powerful and influential. A BUILT-IN Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy makes certain that the key message of your business is being delivered constantly across multiple channels. Every interaction a buyer has with your brand need to embody the same values, benefits and unique selling point if you want to cut through and make your brand stick out from the crowd.

Need more convincing? Here are benefits associated with incorporating a built-in Forefront Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy in your business:

Adopting an IMC strategy will improve efficiency by providing a streamlined process. It ensures that the company’s harmonious message is carried across various channels and time isn’t wasted on repetitive notes or communicating with others for information.

IMC is not simply for your consumer; it is also beneficial for effective internal communications with your team. Internal collaboration across the business including customer support must use the same tone of voice, style and convey a regular message.

Before any business content is launched you desire to be on the same page as your team, maintaining constant communication and distributing a clear message to the public. This could be achieved by using an integrated communication platform such as Slack to centralise all messages and ensuring everyone understands the brand and follows a set guideline.

Using a range of communication channels allows your organization usage of a larger audience and widens your reach. This implies you will find a higher probability of reaching your target audience and attracting the right consumers to your brand. However, remember it’s important to take care of a regular target audience and key message during your channels.

Distributing content across numerous channels can be considered a costly process. By adopting an IMC strategy, this removes the dependence on replication of content, helping you save both time and money by adopting the same images amix your website and multiple social media profiles.

Finally, implementing an IMC strategy builds consumer trust and allows for brand recall as messaging is constant and integrated amidst several channels. A consumer will commence resignating with a brand when these three standards are satisfied:

Reaches the intended target audience
Consistent messaging
Across various channels
If key messages aren’t communicated constantly across channels, the buyer will receive a disjointed brand experience and will not as likely build trust and consumer confidence.