4 Types Of Product Photography In eCommerce World

Be it eCommerce or even blogging, photography is the top-most focus of people who are business owners or have an online presence. Product photography has become the top-most demanded service of business owners everywhere. From magazines, brochures, and outdoor advertisements, we often see services or products in an attractive display with amazing photography shots as a part of an excellent advertisement.

Good photography is important to convey the right message and selling products. Images play a crucial role in supporting the brand image, reputation and converting sales. Product photography or eCommerce photography tells a lot about the product such as its size, length, colour, usefulness, shape and etc.

Here are 4 types of product photography and some tips to make it a classic one.

  1. Plain Yet Exquisite Product Shots

Product photography, especially fashion photography requires to be clean, creative, innovative and original. 

There are various types of the product photography that require different approaches to encase the particular product. A fashion photographer more focusses on the product’s colour and try to capture lifestyle photo. Lifestyle photography, in this case, gives a clear idea to the audience or customer when buying a product. 

In this case, eCommerce photography can be done in a studio setup with the same static setup.

  1. Standard White Background Photos

Using a white background is one of the standard rules in many big eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. Also, it is more common than any other background and there are many reasons behind this. 

  • White background helps your product to stand out.
  • It highlights the features of the product.
  • Everything in the image is clear and non-confusing for the viewer. 
  • Using Photoshop, or similar programs, it is easy to cut out the product from such images and use as per the requirement. 
  • Also, the photoshoot becomes much simpler. 
  1. Use Scale to Show the Product Size 

Creating a scale is a typical eCommerce photography technique that is used by many product company owners and their fashion photographers. It is a kind of photography that defines for the viewer, how small or big a product is by allowing the shopper to view how the product looks in reality. 

This kind of photography helps to visualise the viewer or buyer, how the same product would work for them.

  1. Photoshoot Of Products In Group

Group product photo is a way to demonstrate options to the customer. The buyer after seeing this can be clear about his/her purchasing decision. This type of photography includes multiple variations of the same product in the group.