Remove Privacy Protection Fake Antivirus – Privacy Protection Malware Step by Step Removal Instructions

Published on Nov 09 2011

Privacy Protection image

Want to remove Privacy Protection? It is a rogue anti-virus program that easily infects computer. Once it is installed on your PC, it starts to run automatically, displaying fake alert and report saying your computer is being attached by malware, and its main purpose is to convince you to purchase this useless license copy. Don’t fall in this tramp, always think twice before you invest your money into any fake anti-virus software like Privacy Protection.

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Remove System Security 2011 Fake Anti-malware – System Security 2011 Virus Removal Tips

Published on Oct 25 2011

System Security 2011 screenshot

Already have System Security 2011 virus on board? You must wonder how how on earth this scam got into your computer. It is the truth of today’s cyber world that the fake security programs like System Security 2011 keep appearing, have negative effect on innocent PC users, then vanish to just give way to the same fraud update. On the same time, System Security 2011 keeps displaying scanners that report fictitious threats and other malware items were detected. The purpose is very clear, it tries to scare you with the security prospect of your computer then have you to pay for its full version. To sum it up, System Security 2011 is made-up object that take direct part in a deceiving parasite, you need to remove System Security 2011 as quickly as you can once detected.

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Remove AV Protection Online Fake Antivirus – AV Protection Online Malware Step by Step Removal Instructions

Published on Oct 19 2011

AV Protection Online Screenshot

Annoying by the AV Protection Online pop up? This kind of Fake Antivirus software alway promise to take action against the growing number of various infections such as spyware, adware, redirects etc. Don’t pay to get its licensed copy for the rogue anti-spyware. If you are suffering from AV Protection Online Fake Antivirus bad behaviour, follow the step by step instructions below and Remove AV Protection Online out of your computer.

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How to Remove Cloud Protection Fake Antivirus – Cloud Protection Step by Step Removal Instructions

Published on Oct 12 2011

Cloud Protection screenshot

Cloud Protection is one of the many fake anti-virus applications that promise to protect users form malicious threats but once it comes to the deal, it turn out to be a complete rogueware in what had been stated. The most common way of Cloud Protection to harvest victims’ money is to display false reports about samples of malware detected on users’ workstation. Then Cloud Protection asks you to pay for eliminating the threats to make sure a safe environment of Windows system. Consequently, if you have come across the strange viral activity like I mentioned above, you can make your way out of trouble by removing Cloud Protection and restoring your system to the normal state.

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How to Uninstall/Remove PhotoJoy Toolbar with Special Uninstaller, Guide to Fix PhotoJoy Toolbar Uninstall Problems, Special Uninstaller Review

Published on Oct 10 2011

  • Have you been troubled to uninstall PhotoJoy Toolbar but to no avail?
  • Do you want to uninstall the current PhotoJoy Toolbar and downgrade to the previous PhotoJoy Toolbar you have been enjoying?
  • Is your computer failing to remove PhotoJoy Toolbar software?
  • Do you keep receiving error messages when you try to uninstall PhotoJoy Toolbar?

PhotoJoy Toolbar is a designed to share your photos inside beautiful scenery and illustrations with PhotoJoy’s toolbar with all community members.

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How to Clean Duplicate Files with Best Windows Duplicates Cleaner – DuplicateCure Review

Published on Oct 08 2011

Do you want to clean duplicate files on your computer? Have you been afraid of too many duplicate files hanging in your computer will drastically slow down the PC performance? Would you like to free up more space because many error messages pop up saying that you have “low disk space.”? This could be the most common problem for most computer users. However, It takes huge amount of time to locate and clean duplicates in order to free some available space, even if you know what you’re doing, as a wrong file deleting could have a bad effort on your computer.

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How to Remove AV Guard Online Virus – AV Guard Online Malware Removal Instruction

Published on Oct 07 2011

AV Guard Online screenshot

AV Guard Online infects your system when you unintentionally download a malicious executable file from the internet. Like other fake applications, AV Guard Online claim and promise to safeguard your computer. The terrible truth about AV Guard Online is that it grabs your money and does nothing good for your computer security. Do not pay for AV Guard Online, it’s advised to immediately remove AV Guard Online from your PC.

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How to Remove Security Guard 2012 Malware – Security Guard 2012 Virus Removal Guide

Published on Oct 07 2011

Security Guard 2012 screenshot

The multiple badware Security Guard 2012 performs make us think it a system optimizer that provides actual computer optimization services. But the real essence of Security Guard 2012 is a fake system security tool which will do no good to your machine. To reach its ulterior purposes, Security Guard 2012 reports many unreal infections to show you how dangerous your computer are and how badly you need to purchase the licensed copy of Security Guard 2012 fix the problems for your computer security. Do not do what this scamware tells you to though. Do the right thing: just remove Security Guard 2012 scam.

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How to Remove OpenCloud AV Malware

Published on Oct 05 2011

OpenCloud AV (similar to Security Guard 2012) is released by the underground fake AV vendors to make profits from user victims to purchase the useless OpenCloud AV malware license. OpenCloud AV is promoted via Email attachments, warz portal and other affiliated distribution channels. It is recommended to remove OpenCloud AV to prevent further security and privacy compromises.

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How to Remove Security Guard 2012 Rogue Malware, Security Guard 2012 Step-by-Step Guide

Published on Oct 05 2011

Security Guard 2012 Screenshot

OpenCloud AV Screenshot

Security Guard 2012 is one of the fake AV family members that currently spreading all over the Internet even though the hard crack down on their owners in Russia. Security Guard 2012 is similar to other prevalent malware like OpenCloud AV. Please follow the instructions below to remove this Security Guard 2012 completely.

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