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Published on October 8, 2011, by Nakisha Alequin

Do you want to clean duplicate files on your computer? Have you been afraid of too many duplicate files hanging in your computer will drastically slow down the PC performance? Would you like to free up more space because many error messages pop up saying that you have “low disk space.”? This could be the most common problem for most computer users. However, It takes huge amount of time to locate and clean duplicates in order to free some available space, even if you know what you’re doing, as a wrong file deleting could have a bad effort on your computer.

Why does duplicate cause people so many problems?

You may have huge amount of files including hundreds of types downloaded from all over the web. Duplicate files, incorrect date, and small fragments bite your system resource then gradually degrade the system performance.
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, chances are you have too many duplicate files on your computer:
Slow PC performance
Loss of important data
Constant unwanted error message
Strange number of Blue Screen of Death Errors Messages
Damaged Windows Registry Files
Occasionally system crashes

How to find and clean duplicate files manually

In most case, you won’t be aware of where these duplicate files have come from. You can’t even recognize they have been saved on your computer and therefore won’t know there is something wrong until you found your PC operating system becomes much slower than before.

To manually do a basic duplicates clean:

1. Click the Start on the left button of the screen and navigate to the ‘System Tools’ tab in the ‘All Programs’ section.
2. Select ‘Disk Cleanup’ and double click.
3. Choose the C: Drive and scan for problems.
4. Select the options you would like windows to clean up.
5. Press ‘OK’ and reboot your computer.

As it is known to all that the computer is producing more than hundreds of duplicate files every day and leave them consuming the space of hard disk. To handle this trouble and clean duplicate files in a safe and convenient way, I would highly recommend that you use a trustable and professional duplicate cleaner to automatically identify and clean duplicates on your system.

Clean duplicate files with best windows automatic duplicate files cleaner

  • Step3. Select the duplicate files and then remove them to recycle bin or directly delete them.

Start to download windows automatic duplicate files cleaner

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